HIMANYC Event: Hot Topics and Current Trends; HIPAA & Information Blocking

Topic Title:

Hot Topics and Current Trends; HIPAA and Information Blocking


April 9, 2021
1:00 PM – 2:00 PM ET

This webinar will be available on-demand. This means that webinar will be recorded and sent out to all paid registrants the week following the live webinar, even if they register after the live webinar has occurred or cannot make the time and date set for the live webinar.

Speaker Name:

Kelly Mclendon, RHIA, CHPS

Title and Employer or
Name of Business:

Managing Director; CompliancePro Solutions

Presentation Description:

This timely presentation delivers an update and overview of the most important healthcare privacy and security rules, guidance and regulatory changes, including but not limited to, HIPAA’s NPRM (Notice of Proposed Rule Making), 42 CFR Part 2 and HIPAA synchronization and the 21st Century Cures Act; ONC (Office of the National Coordinator of Healthcare IT) and CMS Interoperability and Information Blocking rules which healthcare IT developers, providers and payers are all struggling to understand.

The presentation is intended to impart a large volume of information about the rapidly changing regulatory privacy and security environment in a relatively short timeframe with comprehensive slide content useable by attendees after the presentation as they adopt and train others on these subjects. Mr. McLendon is well known for condensing and simplifying the complex presentation content into easily learnable points with his signature delivery style.

The slides themselves will be selected from a larger master set Mr. McLendon maintains to reflect the timing and audience of the presentation. This master set of slides constantly undergoes updates as the rules and guidance changes. Any really ‘HOT’ topics that arise after handout submission, as is typical within the fast-changing nature of healthcare privacy and security, will be covered with new slides that are also discussed with an updated slide deck for these additions to be offered to the attendees after the session. For example, OCR has several rules including penalty splitting and Accounting of Disclosures that might drop at any time, if they are released prior to the seminar they will be addressed within its content.

Mr. McLendon works with many successful privacy and security professionals and associations, including attorneys, on the topics of healthcare regulatory privacy and security which allows him rapid access to the deluge of information that is now typical, as new pressures on privacy and security compliance is being applied in an ever-increasing manner as increasingly records become electronic and health information exchange expands.

Benefits to the Audience:

The session will provide an update on the most recent developments in the regulatory and best practice areas within privacy, security, information blocking and interoperability compliance which can result in a lowering of liability for audience members’ organizations as they implement the practices illustrated by Mr. McLendon’s presentation.

Mr. McLendon understands and does well explaining the interaction of both privacy and security regulations with each other, within covered entities as well as business associates and discusses HIPAA and non-HIPAA requirements and practices for these areas.

Information learned from Mr. McLendon’s presentation is augmented by in depth PowerPoint slides which convey the information in a dense but easily understood format.

Real world examples are used as often as possible to keep the content relevant.