The Health Information Management Association of New York City Inc., (HIMANYC) is the local association for the New York State Health Information Management Association (NYHIMA). It was established almost 80 years ago, the same year as AHIMA, the national HIM Association, and is still going strong today. Our mission is to promote the art and science of health information management through education and networking. HIMANYC is beneficial to anyone who is involved in the HIM profession or interested in health care issues.

Health information management professionals today occupy a variety of roles from quality assurance managers to information security officers in a variety of settings from managed care organizations to home health agencies. HIMANYC supports its common goal of applying modern technology and advancing best practices in health information management.

Are you looking for an association that knows what it takes to make you even more of an expert in your field? Are you seeking an organization that is recognized for its educational products, advocacy, and networking potential? HIMANYC’s tradition is a mark of distinction in setting the standard for other local health information associations. Peer contact is so important for career development.

Membership in HIMANYC is a wise career investment.  HIMANYC offers its members CE credits at low cost, coding meetings, educational seminars, newsletters, a website, networking and much, much more.

Meet peers, network, and problem-solve, and share best practices. A well-timed referral or recommendation from a colleague can provide the impetus to career advancement. Catch up on the very latest in HIM policies, practices, and procedures.  Tap into a variety of resources to help keep you current and competitive.  Prepare for the challenges to come so you can manage them. HIMANYC helps identify these challenges.

If you are a coding professional, are you looking for an association that knows what it takes to make you even more of an expert in your field? Are you seeking an organization that helps you translate your expertise to effective ways to meet your career goals?   As an HIM manager rely on the Association to carefully track legislative and regulatory issues likely to affect the success and future of your profession.  HIMANYC provides you with a “pipeline” to new ideas and changing requirements.

Both the newsletter and the HIMANYC website list the committee chairs and contact names. Our association is as strong as the active level of volunteerism. Association strength and abilities will grow with participation. Future projects, changes or reformations will be accomplished by all of us sharing and combining or focusing our efforts into putting ideas into action.

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